What is The Learning Station?

The Learning Station is a privately owned educational facility that provides diagnostic testing and educational therapy for children and adults who struggle to learn. Our vision is to become the leading privately owned educational service provider of the Tri-State area, ensuring that everyone has access and opportunity to overcome educational deficits that hinder personal and vocational success.

Located in the Huntington, West Virginia area, we currently serve students and adults from West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

What learning struggles do we address?

The Learning Station uses programs that address learning struggles stemming from immaturities in perception that are foundational for good learning. These immaturities in perception are frequently grouped under the term "learning disabilities". For more information about perceptual immaturities and how to recognize them, see our page on Struggling?. To learn about our therapy programs, see our Therapy page.

Diagnostic testing


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children and adults


struggle to learn.